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Sinkhole Repair

sinkhole in the cement under repair

Out of the different issues that we covered there’s an argument to be made that sinkholes are the scariests. Particularly for property owners who have on show up on their property. Sinkholes can literally expand and start collapsing things in a matter of seconds. What we want to do when we arrive in a situation where a sinkhole has developed is to find a way to stop the bleeding. If you have a sinkhole that developed near your house, but it doesn't knock it down, you can be thankful, but you need to get to work because the danger is not over yet.

Should You Be Alarmed With All Sinkholes?

As we mentioned these situations may very well be some of the scariest that we deal with. Even with foundation damage for other causes folks aren’t necessarily afraid that their house is going to collapse at any second. With sinkholes it’s very important to analyze and find out the potential damage that a particular problem can cause. The last thing that we want to do is just refill the small hole and call it a day. That being said, there are times where that’s all of the repair that’s going to be needed. With smaller sinkholes you shouldn’t necessarily be overly alarmed. Just make sure to give us a call as soon as you see them start to form.

Top Of The Line Equipment To Handle Heavy-Duty Jobs

Other foundation repair companies are not going to have the equipment or the manpower to handle some of these jobs. Sinkholes do require a team of professionals that know the right procedures to be able to first stop the sinkhole from expanding. If we have to go in and dig deeper, that's something that should be done on our terms to be able to really fill in the entire area. We are a company that again has both the equipment and the experience to deal with these types of problems.

Insurance Issues With Sinkholes

There are two main concerns that folks have that include sinkholes and insurance. Number one is whether insurance is going to cover the sinkhole that you’ve found on your property. Literally, that’s going to depend directly on your coverage. The second question that people have is if they can get covered for sinkholes after they’ve already had one repaired on their property. Again, that’s going to depend on your coverage. You can talk to your insurance company and let them know that you want us to help you with the issue.

What Are The Chances That This Happens Again?

The reality is that if you live in an area where soil erosion is common and there aren’t many ways to mitigate the situation there’s a possibility that the problem will come back. The best thing that you can do is make sure that you’re checking for potential areas where sinkholes can develop constantly. That’s what can help you avoid any type of major damage.

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