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Commercial Foundation Repair

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Sometimes the sheer size of a commercial foundation can be enough to warrant that the area begins to develop problems over time. The more area that you have to cover the more space there is for cracks to show up. Building anything on complex soil that is always shifting is going to be a challenge. There are times where you can do everything right in the construction process, but still end up with problems down the road. Due to excessive moisture flowing through the area. With the soil beneath the structure picking up a lot of moisture it’s more likely to want to expand and start causing all sorts of trouble. Luckily we can help you out if that happens.

Determining The Cause & The Extent Of The Damage

This is going to be the first step in virtually all of the services that we provide. That being said when it comes to commercial foundations or just larger areas in general making the right determination in this step becomes critical. Since the wrong move could even worsen the current issues. If you start noticing cracks, uneven floors, or even shifts in the position of the building it could be a great time to pick up the phone and give us a call.

Solutions To Stop The Spread Of Potential Problems

When we have a structure that is potentially in danger one of the solutions that we might recommend is using an underpinning technique. These techniques involve using steel push piers to transfer some of the weight of the structure. In many cases this is a good way to make sure that the structure isn’t fully at the mercy of the shifting soil below. With most of the services that we provide the main goal is to stabilize the situation. To then go in and look for an optimal long term solution.

Should I Allow My Foundation To Settle Before Moving Back Into The Building?

This is going to depend on the type of repair service that’s going to be applied to your foundation. There are certain techniques that are going to be rather superficial to where you’re not even going to need to vacate the property in the repair process. When we go through a procedure where we would recommend that you let the foundation “settle in” that process could last about a month or so. We’ll let you know though what type of procedure we recommend and what that would entail for you before we even get going.

Methods That Can Be Applied To Repair Commercial Foundations

There are a lot of things to consider before we pick a particular technique to fix any issue. Many people ask about a procedure like slabjacking because they like the idea of not having to replace the original concrete. However, that may not be an option if we’re talking about having to repair large areas. Which can be common when we are talking about foundations for commercial buildings. We’ll help you find the best route for sure!

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