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Crawl Space Repair

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From our experience crawl space issues are usually the result of just a lack of maintenance in the area overall. There are some homeowners that never bother to peek their head into that area. That’s not criticism on our part. If you have a crawl space that you really can’t use even as a storage space it makes little sense to be looking in there constantly. We can help solve all sorts of crawl space issues that may pop up. As well as provide regular maintenance to these areas to make sure that you don’t have to deal with a major repair service any time soon.

How Often Should I Be Inspecting My Crawlspace

The rule of thumb is that you should be inspecting your crawlspace about every six months. Even if you had an inspection recently, if we had a lot of rain or any type of situation where a ton of water hit the house it’s a good idea to check the area again. That way if you have some type of a leak we’ll be able to deal with the issue before you allow the moisture in the area to build up mold and to start literally eating at the structure. Every 6 months is the minimum check up time.

Finding The Right Solution For Your Crawl Space Issue

In thorough inspections we are not just going to be looking for mold or if the area is wet. There are usually different pipelines that run through the crawlspace. Sometimes the problem that literally tears up your crawl space is coming from within. Not necessarily from the amount of water that we got outside at a particular point in time. That’s why you can have crawl space issues all year round. Installing a sump pump and vapor barriers can be viable solutions. It depends though on what the actual problem that you’re dealing with is.

Dry Rot Issues When They Should Be Addressed

Dry rot issues with wooden structures is one of the “common” issues that are going to lead to a renovation of the crawlspace. The fact is that with wooden structures just a bit of damage on the outside can really cause all sorts of problems with the structure in general. When you realize that you have a problem as we mentioned just by looking at the structure it may have lost a considerable amount of strength in general. Once you spot this type of problem give us a call so we can look into it.

Leaving Everything As Good As New

With any type of repair that we do on a crawl space we typically want to go in and replace the existing vapor barriers and check to make sure that you don’t have any leaks in the pipes around these areas. What we are trying to say here, is that even if you’re giving us a call for one particular issue we’ll be able to provide a full service. A lot of times what happens when you don’t is that another element fails shortly after the original repair.

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