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Soil Stabilization

workers repairing the road

This is something that we usually talk about as being part of many of the different things that we do. Something that we always stress to our clients is that in our line of work it’s crucial to find the root of the problem and attack that as well. To then go in and do what we need to do to fix the damages that were caused to the structure. For the most part foundation issues are caused by two things. One is improper installation. Number two is unstable soil. The best way to deal with mainly the second problem is precisely through soil stabilization.

Using The Right Type of Stabilization Technique To Solve A Particular Need

When folks picture soil stabilization they commonly go to the large trucks that flatten out the soil when a road is being built. Of course, when you’re building a road or even a foundation for a house you can use some of these heavy-duty machines to help you with this particular process. This does not mean however, that it’s the only way to achieve soil stabilization. Chemical additives such as the ones used in polymer stabilization are becoming more and more popular. We’re not completely tied down to one way of doing things. We want to make sure that we’re able to provide the best overall result.

We May Need To Stabilize The Soil Before, And/Or After A Repair

The best example of this happens with sinkholes. The last thing that we want to do is just fill up the hole and leave. There’s a whole process that we usually go through to determine the extent of the damage. From there we draw up a plan of action that is usually going to include some type of soil stabilization procedure before, and/or after we’ve gone in and filled up the hole.

How Effective Is The Process To Prevent Sinkholes?

It is highly effective. The fact is, we are at the very least making it harder for a sinkhole to develop. If you were to just leave everything as is there’s no question that you’re going to be at a greater risk of a sinkhole developing on your property. That being said, we can’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll never have sinkhole issues. There are different areas around this part of Florida where we have very unstable soil. Different types of soil stabilization procedures can certainly reduce the risk of a major sinkhole developing.

Soil Stabilization In Different Settings

We talk alot about the work that we do in and around homes and commercial buildings. When it comes to soil stabilization this is a procedure that we can provide in different areas. That may or may not be near a house. In fact, we get calls from folks particularly with larger properties who want to stabilize the soil in a part of the property that isn’t necessarily around the house to make sure that the house doesn’t come into play if you have a landslide, sinkhole or any other issue in the vacant area.

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